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Ft. Christmas - Christmas (April 12, 2006)

This house was built in 1904 by Ephriam Legrand Brown. Brown was born in Americus, Georgia in 1859 and came to Florida at the age of sixteen. He worked as a surveyor. In 1882, Brown married Julia Roberts of the Roberts Plantation on Lake Mills and purchased a 40-acre parcel of land where he built a log home and planted an orange grove. When the log home was destroyed by fire, the family lived in the barn while a new home was built. He used the charred, but sound, timbers from the log home for the floor joists in this building.

Citrus trees planted by Brown bore fruit until the freeze of 1985. In that year, the Brown family was recognized by the Florida Department of Agriculture as a pioneer farm family under the One Hundred Year Farm Family Program.

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