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Miami MetroZoo (June 1, 2008) Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx) For a fascinating (and sad) timeline, please click here --> The Arabian Oryx Project . . . and here, you will find the homepage of The Arabian Oryx Project. In the late 1950s, the plight of the the Arabian Oryx had become so bad that there were only approximately 50 or 60 left in the wild in Arabia. In 1972, the last known Arabian oryx in the wild were on the Jiddat Al-Harasis in central Oman. In October 1972, a motorised hunting party from outside Oman killed or removed this last herd of oryx. The oryx no longer occurred in the wild. By this time, nine of the Arabian Oryx had been caught for captive breeding so that they could be released back into the wild. In early 1996, as the population approached 450 in the wild, poachers took oryx from The Arabian Oryx Sanctuary in Arabia. Fortunately the poaching stopped in early 1999. Perhaps as many as 200 oryx had been taken by the poachers, most had been female. 2000-2001 --> The wild population is being rebuilt – over 150 oryx remain in the wild and 70 in captivity at Jaaluni. Needless to say, the Arabian Oryx is an endangered species.

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