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Miami MetroZoo (June 1, 2008) Nyala (Tragelaphus angasii) [female] The Nyala is a South African antelope. The name "Nyala" is the Swahili name for this antelope. They are found in the eastern part of South Africa in riverside thickets and dense brush and fringe forest. It is never far from water. The male stands up to 3.5 feet (110 cm); the female is up to 3 feet tall. The male has loosely spiraled horns and a long fringe on throat and underparts; the female has no horns and no noticeable fringe. The male is dark brown, white on the face and neck, and vertical white stripes on the body. The female is reddish brown with clear striping. Nyalas live alone or in small groups in forests.

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